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Karen Betts

“My name is Karen Betts and I am a permanent makeup artist based in Yorkshire. I began my beauty training in the 1990’s and quickly became one of the UK’s leading permanent makeup and microblading artists. I was one of the first PMU artists to offer paramedical tattooing within the UK which I am most well-known for thanks to my work with the Katie Piper Foundation. and the Alex Lewis Trust.

Over the course of my career, I have developed specialist skills and knowledge within my field which have helped me to work with many charities – giving the gift of confidence back through complex treatments. I have also had the pleasure of being featured on ITV’s This Morning and ITV’s This Time Next Year providing permanent makeup treatments.

I often work with Journalists and Beauty Editors to introduce them to the amazing art of permanent makeup – just last year I got to provide microblading for the beauty industry icon, Lisa Eldridge – makeup artist to the stars and a YouTube sensation!

I am one of the very few professionals in the industry in the UK that has been recognized by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP) in the US, for my contribution in the industry. I now sit on the Board and I am the Educational and International Outreach Chairperson for the SPCP.”

Signature technique

“I pride myself on being an expert in the permanent cosmetics industry, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. My mission is focused on inspiring, educating and developing the next generation of permanent cosmetics artists, and to continue leading the way in the permanent cosmetics industry.

My specialism lies in delivering the gift of confidence to my clients. Whether that be through giving them back their brows they have lost due to Alopecia, reconstructing Cleft Lips with permanent makeup or offering Nipple and Areola tattooing to women affected by cancer.

As a BUPA-registered medical tattooist, I work closely with the Katie Piper Foundation, Caroline’s Campaign, Breast Cancer Haven and Breast Friends.

One of my most notable clients is the ever-inspiring Alex Lewis. In 2013 Alex Lewis contracted the Strep A infection. It ravaged his body and face, leaving doctors no choice but to amputate his limbs and cut away the gangrenous parts of his lips. As part of his rehabilitation, Alex’s amazing plastic surgeon Alexandra Crick used cutting-edge surgery to rebuild his face, creating new lips for him using skin grafts from his shoulder. I undertook a pigment alignment and 3D lip simulation treatment, and I’m providing Alex with free permanent cosmetics procedures for life.”

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Nouveau Contour is a leading worldwide brand. With specialist knowledge and the most innovative, premier products on the market, Nouveau Contour was my only choice. I pride myself on only being partnered with brands or organizations that I truly believe in, and that deliver the most prestigious results time after time. With Nouveau Contour, I feel proud to be a distributor and I have an unwavering confidence in the brand. I feel honored to be able to impart my knowledge and expertise through Nouveau Contour UK.”

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Liz McGowan

Liz McGowan is the Managing Director of THink Aesthetics and leads a team of expert PMU trainers and highly skilled technicians.

THink is one of only a handful of Registered Training Organisations in Australia that specialises in PMU (cosmetic tattoo). Using exclusively Nouveau Contour equipment, THink provides the highest quality one-on-one training and many of the leading technicians in Australia have been trained by THink.

As well as the national accredited course Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing (SHBBSKS003), THink provides Advanced Courses in all brow, eyeliner, lip and paramedical techniques, plus scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

THink’s Master Trainer has twice been a finalist for the Australian Beauty Industry Educator of the Year, and THink staff present at Expos and Conferences throughout the year.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

We chose Nouveau Contour as the leading European and international brand for PMU equipment and supplies. The technical development and support provided by Nouveau Contour is ‘second to none’ and the marketing resources are excellent. The communication and responsiveness of the whole Nouveau team is superb. Nouveau is simply the best!

Carolina Ceballos

Instagram: carolinaceballospmu

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Svitlana Kachalova

Svitlana Kachalova is a member of the European Association of Permanent Makeup and Visage. Founder and CEO of the Training Center “Ideal Contour”. Business skills united with Permanent make up as one. The leader of micropigmentation, microblading and dermapigmentation educational service. Participant of conferences and exhibitions Beauty industry. Certified master trainer and distributor of NOUVEAU CONTOUR Academy. “Ideal contour” rightfully occupies first places in educational service for permanent makeup artists. Many international guests from Canada, USA, Germany, Spain and of course Ukraine are visit our training center and getting knowledge and Certivied of our school. Ideal contour located in a main cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv. Our quality standards are “Save and carefully care about beauty of our clients”

Signature technique

Nataliia Kliushyna – multiple master-trainer & speaker of Ukrainian conferences. A lot of her students are winners in World PMU competitions. PMU artist, cosmetology, visage, medical education helps to see more in PMU sphere. She has created several unique techniques for the most beautiful lips & brows. Such as Lips with fixed contour & Braiding brows & Color correction technic for recovery old PM.

Iryna Yanishevska  – innovator PMU artist. She likes at most work with new and modern technic like trichopigmentation, dermapigmentation, microblading & laser removal & work with remover.

Svitlana Kachalova – art degree helps me to be more creatively in PMU. Dermapigmentation, trichopigmentation, microblading and machine hair strokes and unique technique – Modern staling brows. The secret to creativity is uniqueness feeling.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Do you want to be a part of the best team in the world? I have found it. Nouveau Contour is a leader in the permanent make up market. Unique equipment, quality needles, annual Permanent Make Up World Conference, training program support and qualified marketing.”

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Magdalena Mazurek

Magdalena Mazurek is one of the most prominent specialists within the field of cosmetic and medical micropigmentation nowadays. She is Europe’s Champion winner of International Permanent Make-up Championship 2015, Warsaw as well as Poland Permanent Make-up Championship’s winner in 2013 and 2014.  Moreover, Magdalena is a long-time experienced specialist, highly appreciated by both Polish and foreign experts and a trainer in micropigmentation and microblading method.

Her artistic taste, sensibility to color and professionalism are every inch both quality and perfection guaranteed. “Permanent make-up does not only mean transferring the very same standard pattern to every client’s face.  For me it’s more of an art of emphasizing and revealing the natural beauty that’s unique to all of us. The most difficult and simultaneously the most vital skill is to choose the style, the color and the method individually and that’s what I’m trying to pass on to my trainees.”

Signature technique

Magdalena Mazurek is a true PMU artist. She has created several unique techniques for the most beautiful lips, eyes and brows, like the Nano Red Carpet Lips, the Elegant Eyeshadow and the Nano Ombre Brows.

Her lip techniques are world famous! The secret for natural PMU is to adjust the right pigment for a natural look that fits your beauty. Also her brow techniques are loved among all people.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Nouveau Contour is the best! It is the most precise and safe permanent make up method of the world. With Nouveau Contour devices and products you can create the most subtle and natural eye, lip and eyebrow permanent make up.”

Biography Signature technique Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Majken Villefrance

Majken Villefrance is the owner and founder of Elite Scandinavia. She is the basis for the development of the business, the treatments and the courses, however in close cooperation with the rest of the team of Elite Scandinavia.

Majken has been active in the beauty industry for more than 16 years as a make up artist, a lash technician and a beautician. For the last 7 years she has been exclusively engaged in permanent make up, as an expert and a teacher in Denmark and abroad. Majken has been invited as a speaker at PMU conferences in both the Netherlands and the USA.

Signature technique

Majken Villefrance is specialized in brows and very well known for her Ombre Brows. Majken is also a highly skilled microblading expert, so also her hairstroke brows are very popular among her clients. Her eyebrow skills convinced a lot of celebrities to visit her clinic and helped her set up a waiting list for over three years for permanent make up treatments in Denmark.

”My filosophy is to be very good at reading the face and the brows and always work with what they got. I don’t try to fit a certain type of brow on every client, I make sure the brow fits the clients. And my mantra is “Less is more” – don’t apply more than just enough. Permanent makeup looks best when it looks as if it is their own brows.”

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

”I love the look of the brand, I love the devices and the needles – it is a ”high end”brand and that is a good match for my business.

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Biserka Petrova

From an early age I studied and practiced with arts and painting. I started my work as a makeup artist at the age of 16 and a few years later I met with permanent make-up. After several international competitions in beauty make-up, in 2004 I received my biggest acknowledgment in make up, winning first place in the contest of “VII International Festival of Hair and Beauty” in the category “Evening Make-up”. Later on, I also graduated from Medical College. In 2017 I founded OVA Academy and at present, I continue to teach both beginners and practioners in the knowledge of permanent make-up.

Signature technique

For 18 years I am full time working PMU, mainly in the beauty procedures on the face, like eyebrows, eyes and lips.
My background of a makeup artist always shows me great potential for work on the eyelids and this was the base of my author work later. In 2018 after years of practice, my author’s technique for permanent make-up on the eyelids, namely Blepharopictia, was born. It was officially presented to the world in the International edition of “Permanent Makeup Magazine & DVD ’14 English Edition”.

In 2019 I took part as a lector in PMU Assembly in Moscow, Russia talking about Blepharopictia and its different application in women’s age at of 40, 50 and 60.
In 2020 I had been a lector at PMU EEC congress & championship in Bucharest, Romania sharing my experience about Blepharopictia in PMU.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

If a practitioner wants to become a professional one should cooperate whit other professionals.

Katiane Ribera

Instagram: katypermanentmakeup 

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Susanna Császár & Chris Nay

Susanna has been the first ever international distributor for Nouveau Contour since 2000. She has been working with Nouveau for nearly 20years what is absolutely outstanding. Chris has joined business in 2015 and ever since the two of them are directing the distributorship and leading the industry in Hungary.

Signature technique

Susanna is the master of lips and through her 20 years of experience she has been invited as a speaker or trainer to numerous Hungarian events and expositions.

Chris is a heavily sought after trainer worldwide specially for his skills in eyeliners and eyeshadows. Since 2016 he has been invited as a speaker/trainer to the several events worldwide like the Permanent Make Up World Conference, Best Conference and Championship in Bangkok and the Power in Permanent Beauty in Bangkok.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“We believe the technical background is the most essential part of success besides practical skills. Nouveau Contour is the perfect match if you wish to achieve the excelsior level of permanent make-up!”

Gerardo Llavot Campos

Instagram: ger_llavot

Biography Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Anne Nordby

Anne Nordby is passionate about her subject and has special expertise, as well as very long experience in the skin and beauty industry and always wants to give the customers and course participants the best. The products she works with are the most effective and of very high quality.  Anne Nordby completed her permanent makeup education in the year 2000 and also has extensive experience in skin care and lashlift.  She has worked at a number of renowned clinics in Oslo, as well as running her own clinic at Frogner and Vinderen. In addition, she has collaborated and held courses for several suppliers in the skin care / permanent makeup industry.  From nature she is a perfectionist at her fingertips and likes what looks natural and classy. She always strives to give clients the best in terms of treatments, products, results and service.  She offers treatments and holds regular courses (in small groups or one for one lesson) in the Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup & Microblading, as well as G.E.Lashes Keratin Lashlift.

“Always take your time and study every client and its features as well as style carefully and be responsive to their desire. Along with your skills as a professional, you will get the results that are perfect for each client. Less is more!”

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“It is a world-renowned brand and because of the fantastic quality of  the education, machines, needles and pigments. It`s simply the best!”

Biography Signature technique Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Pat Shibley-Gauthier

A past SPCP board member, an SPCP Trainer member, international educator and speaker, Pat Shibley-Gauthier is based in Toronto, Canada as owner and president of the Micro-Pigmentation Centre. Micro-Pigmentation Centre has first and foremost always been a diversified training academy for permanent cosmetic tattooing, servicing North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond. With global distribution centers around the world and new products constantly being manufactured and delivered, Micro holds its place as an innovator and pioneer in the industry for product and training alike. The permanent makeup industry has been an extension of Pat’s family for the past 39 years.

“A full time career in the cosmetic tattooing industry has given me 28 years of technology, friendship, innovation and professional relationships, not to mention the industry’s rules to live by. Here are a few I use:

  • Respect the boundaries of a procedure.
  • There is such a thing as refusing a procedure.
  • Sweat some of the small stuff. If you don’t, your client will.
  • Choose people and their wellbeing over a procedure and the dollar signs.
  • No education is ever a waste. Constantly learn every chance you can. Even if it seems irrelevant now, it won’t be later.”
Signature technique

Pat is incredibly experienced in her line of work and takes pride in her craft alongside all aspects of cosmetic tattooing. She specializes in color correction, subtle enhancements in eyeliners, lipliner and blush shading, 3D areola, scalp hair density and hair follicle simulation, ombre, nano and powder hair strokes, as well as the fusion of these styles for eyebrows. When she’s not taking care of her own clients, you can find her teaching the Micro Method to upcoming technicians at the MPC Training Academy. Pat’s renowned Color Through the Skin class has made its way to Amsterdam, Turkey, Dubai, Australia, USA, England, Canada, and SPCP conventions. She has been honored to accept many invitations to speak and teach at various events over the past 30 years.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Being a very active training school in North America and with many poor-quality machines saturating the market, we really wanted to deliver an elegant tattoo device that encompassed form and function to our students and teachers. We wanted to make sure they were learning how to tattoo permanent makeup with a durable, reputable machine that would support them as graduates well throughout their career. When Nouveau Contour approached us, we chose to partner with them because they provide a beautifully engineered, European tattoo machine for our academy that meets that standards of training we work to deliver.”

Biography Why I choose Nouveau Contour Gallery
Undína Sigmundsdóttir & Karen Jóhannsdóttir

Undína has been working in the Permanent make up field for over 20 years and is one of the most experienced professional in all of Iceland. Along with doing treatments every day, she is teaching permanent make up, has an international teaching certificate and has taught many of the professionals in the country. She has been a speaker at the Permanent Make Up World Conference where she introduced the “Hybrid Technique”.

Karen has been a Permanent make up specialist since 2012 and has since added the microblade technique and other brow techniques .  She is building her brand, Sisco Snyrtistúdíó, with the help of her mother.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Nouveau Contour is simply the best of the best! A great company, great devices, great pigments and great needles. With Nouveau Contour you achieve the best result for every client!”

Biography Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Shagun Gupta

Shagun Gupta has a desire to create and share all things beautiful. The Shimla-born fashionista has influenced wardrobes of the celebrated ones with her enormous cachet in fashion, beauty and jewellery. Inspired by her penchant for high life, Shagun has enjoyed unbridled success in fashion and beauty makeover for over two decades. Her meticulous rise as trendsetter has been closely watched by stylish women, many of whom have often asked her to fashion them in her own personalized creations. She has great style sense and believes that one could be elevated in the eternal passion of beauty. Since June 2019 the official partner of Nouveau Contour for the Indian market.

“As we understand Permanent cosmetics has grown exponentially to become one of the fastest growing specialties in the beauty industry. It has become the latest innovation in the beauty, aesthetics & medical aesthetics industries worldwide. Professionals practicing the art of permanent cosmetics include make-up artists, beauty consultants and tattoo artists, as well as medical specialists.”

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

We are delighted to partner with Nouveau Contour in India. Permanent makeup as a sector has significantly evolved over the years from modest procedure to a superior technique. Nouveau Contour has been the innovator in developing new techniques at the highest standards across the globe.

Vanessa Ellus Sulbaran

Instagram: Elluspermanentmakeup

Marcela Botero

Instagram: cejasmarcebotero 

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Fabienne Khoury

I am a renowned interior designer, painter, and international expert in the field of makeup and PMU design. With over 25 diplomas in the field from esteemed institutions, both locally and abroad. As the official makeup artist in MEA for the Miss Europe 2002-2003 contest. I established myself as the go-to makeup artist for celebrities and VIP clients across the region. I believe that the secret to beauty is not only physical beauty but also mental health, radiating the inner beauty to compliment the outer by being a hypnotherapist certified.

Signature technique

Throughout my twenty-two years I have accomplished my own eyebrow pattern titled as “Lifty Brows”. In addition to my experience in lips known as “pulpy lips”. it is one of my best techniques used and liked by many famous singers, royal families, and international artists. However, I am specialized as a professional in Nano-micropigmentation despite the fact that many people address me as “Doctor Brows” because I always treat the hardest cases (damaged eyebrows, old stained tattoos, reconstruct eyebrows etc…) through my years of experience, I learnt to combine many techniques to accomplish the best results in correcting the old tattoos which facilitated me build most of my reputation.

In conclusion, I was in many television shows such as MTV, LBCI, NBN and many well-known channels to discuss about new techniques, fashion etc…

A very significant tip is keeping the client satisfied making the procedure painless and comfortable.

  • Start your work by studying your client’s skin type and undertone.
  • Drawing the perfect shape for each client’s face is the key for uniqueness.
  • Stretching the skin tightly insures crispy fine line hairs.
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Dora Kyprioti

Dora Kyprioti is a Cosmetic & Paramedical Permanent Makeup Specialist and a PMU Trainer for beginners and professionals, with more than 18 years of experience. She is the most recognized permanent make up professional in Greece. Her academy is chosen from many people from all over the world for their training in permanent make up.

She is the founder and CEO of EvaBeauty Studies, a licensed beauty school since 1996 offering vocational (professional) training. At 2001 the company founded EvaBeauty Products, for importing and distributing professional cosmetics and beauty products for Greece.

Her social awareness is discreetly and highly effective through the “Confidence Day”, which takes place during World Breast Cancer Awareness Week. At this day she offers for free Paramedical Permanent Makeup Services for people who have faced cancer.

Her moto: “Every woman can have the beauty she desires!”

Signature technique

Dora Kyprioti provides all the services for cosmetic and paramedical permanent make up specialized in eyebrow techniques both Micropigmentation and Microblading.

As she is always looking for new and pioneering techniques for permanent make up she invented her own technique: “High Volume Lips” a 3D technique for the lips. This technique gained all the women who would like to enhance the volume of their lips and make them more intense and “juicy”.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Nouveau Contour is the top choice. Our work on the market is valid and reliable and only a European company like Nouveau Contour can meet our standards. The long-term specialized experience and the established world leadership is a guarantee of cooperation.

High-quality equipment, needles and pigments ensure that the application results will be excellent and durable. In the field of education, our philosophy is fully identified, because both Nouveau Contour Master Academy and Dora Kyprioti – EvaBeauty Studies consistently demonstrate that they are pioneers of knowledge. It is no coincidence that Nouveau’s Contour Permanent Make Up World Conference has been established as the most authoritative organization that every professional seeks to follow to stay up to date.”

Biography Why I choose Nouveau Contour Gallery
Katarina Spisakova

“I have been working in the PMU industry for 10 years. I have completed several trainings and academies in the field of beauty and cosmetics. I am glad to share all my experience and results with other colleagues in the business to support the qaulity and level of education in Slovakia.  I established a training center called Perm Beauty ACADEMY &  Care. Working in the PMU industry is my main focus in my future.”

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“The company offers a unique training concept that is the best in the world. Nouveau Contour is an innovator in the development of new techniques in the permanent makeup with highest standards. I am proud to be part of the Nouveau Contour network.”

Biography Signature technique Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Sevgi Önel Aslan

Sevgi ÖNEL is a famous make-up and PMU artist in her countrey. She has been working in the field of permanent make up since 1999. She is a teacher, who helps artists create naturally looking eyebrows for men and women, she gives individual and group micropigmentation training courses and she is the owner of “Mikropigment Istanbul Cosmetic”, a company that sells products and equipment for micropigmentation.

She participates in different congresses and conferencesn worldwide and teaches master classes and workshops in many different countries.

Signature technique

Sevgi was a professional and famous makeup artist. Now, she is a professional make-up and PMU artist. She performs face analysis very well. She knows the areas that need to be highlighted or put into the background.  She wanted to do something more permanent for those who were not comfortable with their appearance, so she exchanged her makeup brushes for needles…

She always believes that the most important thing in permanent makeup is the shape. She cares about the facial muscles. Faces often express various emotions; it is beautiful when a face is just calm and completely relaxed. She always tries to understand the way shapes can influence the outcome. Therefore, she created ‘active eyebrows’. Because she like natural and happy face expression.  Sevgi draws the eyebrows moving in natural eyebrows with the bristle technique developed by professional drawings. She uses different needles, blended techniques and with the right pigments she creates an image that is indistinguishable from natural.

She fixes problems with different color transitions, makes reflection and shadow tricks andfollows nature and technology. She combines colors from nature and the latest technology. so she always obtains the most beautiful. Her slogan, ‘Beauty is with art, art becomes with mastership.’

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

Quality is a choice, my choice is Nouveau Contour! Because, Nouveau Contour is a leading brand worldwide . Nouveau Contour is has the knowledge and the most innovative, premier products on the market.  I feel honored to be able to share my knowledge and expertise through Nouveau Contour.

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Anna Maria Finelli

Anna Maria Finelli has been a professional permanent make-up consultant and makeup artist for over 20 years and has been teaching micropigmentation since 1995. Her passionate interest led her to open her own educational institute in Rome in 2003, where not only does she hold permanent make-up and professional make-up courses but also has her PM studio for her private clients. Her thorough knowledge in this field and constant research in new theories and products got her involved in the development of new techniques. Guest several times in the main Italian TV channel RAI 1 (‘Uno Mattina’), her work is also known by some celebrities and political figures in her country.

Signature technique

Anna Maria Finelli is specialized in permanent make up and microblading. She is the creator of many techniques including: I am your NANO lips. A technique that sees the use of the dermograph with nano needle 1, for a filler effect, “contourless” of the labial mucosa. Presented at the ROYAL PMU CONGRESS in Turkey 2019.

I am your BROWS, SANDY OMBRE ‘DUO. A technique that sees the use of the dermograph and two types of needles. Nano 1 and 4 flat. The final effect is that of a delicate and natural eyebrow make-up, similar to a shaded eye shadow. Technique presented in the USA for the Nouveau Contour USA Conference 2018.

I am your BROWS, SOFT V BROWS. Using the new nano t needle, hair is recreated following a “leaf” pattern, thus drawing inspiration from the harmonies of nature. Technique presented at the International Masterclass held in Rome in June 2018.

Hybrid Lips, a technique that uses the electronic device and the microblading blade in the dermopigmentation of the labial mucosa. Presented at the Conferences: China, March 2015: Poland, 2016; PMU Amsterdam 2017; Rome Masterclass, 2017.

Diamant Blading, a technique that uses a diamond tip and the electronic device in order to achieve a soft and dusty hairstroke. Presented at the international conferences in Romania (May 2017) and Lithuania (July 2017).

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“I was looking for a company who could offer not only a wide range of high quality products and technology, but that would be also open to support our technical needs and share the knowledge in this field. I am honoured to represent Nouveau Contour in Italy and to be part of this team of interconnected expertises in the world.”

Biography Signature technique Why I choose Nouveau Contour Gallery
Diana Gulan

With over more than 18 years of experience as an esthetician and 16 years of experience in Permanent Make-Up, Diana Gulan is an authority in the field of beauty and permanent cosmetics. Diana is the owner of the Diana Gulan is a Nouveau COntour International Senior Trainer in Permanent Make-Up and Microblading, the owner of the Permanent Make Up Academy and co-founder of the Diana Gulan Academy UK.

Since 2004 she started up her own School Fancy Cosmetics, and the Permanent Make-Up Academy Nouveau Contour since 2013.
Diana has been awarded in Romania, as Esthetician of the Year 2011 – Nouvelles Esthetiques and in 2016 awarded as ” PMU Artist making Pioneer’s Work in Romania” , ” First Romanian PMU Artist developing Innovative Techinques applied abroad” , ” The best PMU Academy”

Diana acted as a Trainer for PMU and Microblading Classes and Masterclasses, in Romania, UK and South Africa, Portugal constantly holding also private classes with world wide students including International Trainers.

Diana, works and also holds Classes and Masterclasses for Pigment Removal with both Laser and Solutions. Attending to many Beauty TV Shows invited by ProTV. Prima TV, Antena 1, and TVR, Diana is appreciated as being and authority in Beauty Industry and in Permanent Make-Up Industry in Romania.” Regular Publicist for Journal of Esthetic Magazine and Make-Up Magazine.

Diana works also as a permanent Consultant and Areola Reconstruction Attachee, for Municipality Universitary Hospital, Military Hospital, Cluj City Hopsital, Zetta Esthetic Surgery and Breast Cancer Surgery, with the best doctors in Easter Europe and for Gral Medical. On 28/29 of May 2017, Diana organised the First PMU International Congress in Romania, having as invitees one of the best PMU Artist worldwide and in Romania – Bucharest the big event under Fight Against Cancer Symbol – The Marathon of the PMU Techniques in May 2018.

Signature technique

Diana developed her own micropigmentation technique : Harmony of the Lips – a balance between volume, shape and color, Complete Lips, Complete Eyebrows , both a combination between machine and manual technique, Delicate Eyebrows, Lips and Eyes and Natural Lips Color Highlighting and Areola Reconstruction.

Harmony of the Lips has been presented in PMU World Conference in Amsterdam, and Oralndo, Florida, as well as in All About Lips – Conference in Bologna, as well as many Master Classes in Romania and abroad.

Areola Reconstruction and Beauty Areola – Diana was a Speaker at the first International Permanent Make Up Conference 2018 in Guangzhou – China, organised by Master David Browart and also held an Areola Reconstruction Masterclass.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

From our point of view, Nouveau Contour is the best PMU Company worldwide, long term partner, business oriented, providing a very closed support to distributors.

Biography Signature technique Why I choose Nouveau Contour Gallery
Margareta Katona

Margareta Katona is over 7 years on stage in providing beauty treatments specializing in Permanent Makeup. She is successful participant in several world trainings with excellent provable results. Margareta has huge experience in pigmentation and as a “sought-after artist” in the field of micropigmentation offers her services for clients in Czechia and Slovakia in BEAUTY DESIRE SALONs.

Margareta has founded BEAUTY DESIRE ACADEMY in 2019, in cooperation with Nouveau Contour. The academy is located in Prague and provides training services and consultations with an above-standard approach for customers, who are interested in micropigmentation powered by Nouveau Contour devices especially.

Signature technique

Margareta specializes in hairstrokes brows using machine or by microblading. She is a master in Compact, Ombre and Shading techniques.  Margareta has an excellent results also in lips and eye lines micropigmentation.

Her newest technique is BROWS DIGITAL BLADING, especiallu for hair strokes, which has huge positive feedback from customers, and which led Margareta to prepare a special and whole new Training for Digital Blading .

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

I chose for Nouveau Contour because I think that for providing the best services for customers, you need the best tools, materials and the best partner in class, and the Nouveau Contour company is the best choice.

Biography Why I choose Nouveau Contour
Gitana Vizgaitiene

Permanent makeup or micropigmentation becomes more and more popular nowadays. That is why 14 years ago Gitana Vizgaitiene decided to make one step forward and open the new center, where clients are invited not only to enhance their natural beauty but also learn a new specialty and become a successful Micropigmentation Master. Today she is the head of the Lithuanian Professional Micropigmentation Centre and a teacher/coordinator of the Baltic States. Gitana always focuses on new techniques and is familiar with the latest micropigmentation innovations. Gitana is a well-known micropigmentation specialist in the Baltic region. As a speaker in conferences all around the world, she shares her experience with other permanent make up specialists.

Why I choose Nouveau Contour

“Nouveau Contour has the best devices, needles and pigments. The training program is first class and unique in the world of permanent make up. The company is innovative and involved in the newest techniques and procedures.”