8 February 2022

Our pigments: Organic & Fusion

Our pigments are of the best quality to guarantee the greatest results. Our new range consists of organic and fusion pigments. Both are free of iron oxides. We are happy to explain more about our pigments below.

Organic Pigments

These renewed pigments are organic and free of iron oxides. It contains less alcohol, which means that the same pigment volume contains more dye. As a result, a higher concentration of pigment remains in the skin, which ensures bright colors. In addition, the low concentration of alcohol ensures that the pigment does not dry out as quickly. The colors remain fresh, bright and natural. Follow-up treatments are limited. The Organic line includes 38 shades: 9 eyebrow shades, 3 eyeliner shades, 12 lip shades, 4 camouflage shades, 5 correction shades and 5 areola shades.

Fusion Pigments

Nouveau Contour introduces an innovative pigment formula of organic and inorganic ingredients. The advantage of inorganic is that pigments remain very stable in the skin and there is little chance of migration. The organic component ensures a bright color, good pigment retention and a natural look. Ideal for eyebrow treatments: perfectly suited for ombre technique and hairstrokes. The Fusion line includes 12 eyebrow colors, 4 correction colors and 10 lip colors.

Would you like to know more or have you become curious? View the pigments here!