1 October 2022

New: Organic microblading pigments!

New: Organic microblading pigments!

  • 100% organic pigments
  • Free from iron oxides
  • Less alcohol
  • Higher concentration of pigment
  • Thicker consistency
  • Bright colors and natural results

Stunning pigment retention

Our Microblading pigments are developed to compliant with the new European REACH 2022 regulations. The microblading pigments of Nouveau Contour are organic. The product composition is free of toxic ingredients and contains a lower concentration of alcohol. With the non-toxic composition, allergic reactions are nihil. The thicker consistency ensures the most beautiful results. Because it’s easier to blade into the skin. The pigment volume contains more pigment. The result? A higher concentration of pigment will remain in the skin, stay true to the original color and lasts longer. And stunning pigment retention after healing!

The microblading pigments includes 6 shades.

Have you become curious? View the pigments here!