21 June 2019

NEW! Nouveau Contour Pigments

Now available! The new Nouveau Contour pigments – available in Fusion or Organic. More colors, more choice, for an even more natural result. ⠀

Nouveau Contour Fusion Pigments – No migration, bright colors and good pigment retention⠀

The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an innovative pigment formula. Clear colors with good pigment retention. The pigment remains very stable in the skin so there is just a minimum chance of migration. The Fusion line includes 12 eyebrow colors and 4 correction colors.⠀

  • Innovative pigment formula⠀
  • Free from iron oxides⠀
  • Very low chance of migration⠀
  • Bright colors⠀
  • Good pigment retention⠀
  • No color changes to gray or red⠀
  • Very natural results⠀


Nouveau Contour Organic Pigments – Very high concentration of pigment, bright colors, limited follow-up treatment

The Organic line is free of iron oxides. The product composition contains less alcohol: the same pigment volume contains more pigment. The result? A higher concentration of pigment will remain in the skin, resulting in bright colors.

During the procedure, the pigment is more easily inserted into the skin. The colors remain clear and fresh. After healing, the results are very natural and follow-up treatments are limited.

The Organic pigment range includes 33 colors, 9 eyebrow colors, 3 eye colors, 12 lip colors, 5 areola colors and 4 camouflage colors.

  • 100% organic pigments
  • Free from iron oxides
  • Less alcohol
  • Higher concentration of pigment
  • Bright colors
  • Very natural results
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