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Dropshipping as your business model:

  • Your client orders Nouveau Contour products on your website
  • We handle your order and we ship the products from our warehouse to your client
  • You receive up to 20% discount on your client’s order
  • You make the maximum profit!

Your benefits:

  • You do not have to ship orders: we do the shipping for you.
  • You do not have to keep our products in stock: we are your warehouse.
  • You have no risk: you have no stock
  • You resell Nouveau Contour: the best brand in pmu
Dropshipping =
Resell Nouveau Contour products with zero investment but maximum profit

Work with us

We're a caring, passionate and inclusive organisation where people can thrive, progress and connect with eachother. With 25 years of experience in permanent make up to grow you as a person and reach for your full potential as pmu professional.

Work with us means:

  • Up to 20% dealer discount on devices, needles, pigments and accessories
  • Maximum profit
  • No stock = no risk
  • Flexibility and diversity in your assortment
  • Hassle free: we ship to your client
  • Grow your full potential

Nouveau Contour, leading supplier since 1997

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