14 February 2019

Digital Blading – new revolution in permanent makeup!

Available Spring 2019!


Digital blading is the new way to go! Being much more advanced than microblading, digital blading is the cutting edge technique for the most natural look. It allows you to create crisp fine lines, hair by hair, adding volume and color. A long lasting method, suitable for all ages and skin types. Yes, even oily skins! This is what you have been waiting for.


Microblading move over, here is Digital Blading!


Digital blading is the advanced option to micropigmentation and microblading with stunning effects. For perfect crisp brows, eyeliners and lipliners. Digital blading is a revolutionary technique using a handpiece with ultrafine tip, actually a bundle of 3 to 5 needles, which deposit pigment into the skin in an extraordinary way. The tip of the handpiece is so fine that it enables you to create razor sharp hair strokes that look superreal and supernatural. Step into a new world of atomized microblading, look and feel fabulous with a natural look that lasts!

  • The advanced option
  • Cutting edge technique
  • Perfect brows, eyeliners, lipliners
  • Crisp fine lines
  • Razor sharp results
  • Add volume and color
  • Gentle on the skin
  • No age limits
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Stunning effects
  • Step into a new world of atomized microblading!

The latest revolution in permanent makeup is brought to you by Nouveau Contour. Check out the Digital Blading video at our YouTube channel.